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Thursday, February 24, 2005  

Ash-Shuyukh Posted by Hello
The Milk Shaykh at 3:41 PM
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Monday, January 24, 2005  

Allah Posted by Hello
The Milk Shaykh at 7:01 PM
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Sunday, December 19, 2004  
Salamu ^alaykum
Hey it's me, yeah i'm still alive if you wondered, al hamdulillah. The blog is pretty dead however :D

Getting myself a digital camera soon, gonna be able to share a couple of things with you all Insha Allah.

I finished my first semester of college. Went pretty good, i passed all my classes except math. So im in vacation now so i might try to update this dusty blog ;)

Im going there next week insha Allah and everyone is invited, you will benefit greatly from it you have my word. There is going to be around 3 lessons per day, free meals and you can sleep there for free too. The lessons are gonna be on the book as-sirat al-mustaqim and on his explanations. It is a very well written book full of extremely strong proofs against the beliefs of bad innovators and other evil peoples. The author is shaykh Abdullah al-Harari.

The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects AICP Headquarters in North America proudly invites you to attend our annual Winter Dawra Seminar.
This year's classes will begin on Saturday, December 25th and end Saturday, January 1st.
Classes will be held daily in the continuing explanation of the text: As-Siratul-Mustaqim.
Seminar will be held in our center at 45th and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA. 215-387-8888
No registration is required.

The Milk Shaykh at 2:31 AM
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004  
Update p.1
As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

I began putting links to stories of some great companions. They are all excellent readings and i truely recommend them. Many are very touching.
Tomorow insha Allah i will add the rest. This is about a third of all the stories i found.

The Milk Shaykh at 1:09 AM
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004  
Stories of The Companions of The Messanger
As salaamu ^alaykum

Nothin really new and exiting to talk about except a new Halal pakistani and indian food restaurant. I went there last saturday with a couple of brothers after spending the night at the mosque. They currently have a special: Chicken biryani, for only 3,50$! and 7 days a week ! So i ordered that and Masha Allah that was real quality-price like they say. I had a mountain of rice with 3 big pieces of chicken and it was so spicy:)(I love spicy/hot food). The waiter was also very friendly and had very good manners. If its your kind of place, i really recommend it. 454 Jean Talon West, Montreal. And the plates are on the big side so finish everything and don't waste, think about the muslims who can't eat like they want. Think of of blessings that Allah gave us...

I really hope that you liked the story of Abu Dharr radiaAllah^anh because insha Allah Ta^ala tomorow there is gonna be a big surprise, a very big one :D

wa ^alaykumus salam wa rahmatullah

The Milk Shaykh at 1:03 AM
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Sunday, September 26, 2004  
Story of Abu Dharr
Here is a great story of one of the great Companions of our beloved Messenger sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, enjoy:

In the Waddan valley which connects Makkah with the outside world, lived the tribe of Ghifar. The Ghifar existed on the meagre offerings of the trade caravans of the Quraysh which plied between Syria and Makkah. It is likely that they also lived by raiding these caravans when they were not given enough to satisfy their needs. Jundub ibn Junadah, nicknamed Abu Dharr, was a member of this tribe.

He was known for his courage, his calmness and his far sightedness and also for the repugnance he felt against the idols which his people worshipped. He rejected the silly religious beliefs and the religious corruption in which the Arabs were engaged.

While he was in the Waddan desert, news reached Abu Dharr that a new Prophet had appeared in Makkah. He really hoped that his appearance would help to change the hearts and minds of people and lead them away from the darkness of superstition. Without wasting much time, he called his brother, Anis, and said to him:
"Go to Makkah and get whatever news you can of this man who claims that he is a Prophet and that revelation comes to him from the heavens. Listen to some of his sayings and come back and recite them to me."

Anis went to Makkah and met the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be on him. He listened to what he had to say and returned to the Waddan desert. Abu Dharr met him and anxiously asked for news of the Prophet.
"I have seen a man," reported Anis, 'who calls people to noble qualities and there is no mere poetry in what he says."
"What do people say about him?" asked Abu Dharr.
"They say he is a magician, a soothsayer and a poet."
"My curiosity is not satisfied. I am not finished with this matter. Will you look after my family while I go out and examine this prophet's mission myself?"
"Yes. But beware of the Makkans."

On his arrival at Makkah, Abu Dharr immediately felt very apprehensive and he decided to exercise great caution. The Quraysh were noticeably angry over the denunciation of their gods. Abu Dharr heard of the terrible violence they were meting out to the followers of the Prophet but this was what he expected. He therefore refrained from asking anyone about Muhammad not knowing whether that person might be a follower or an enemy.

At nightfall, he lay down in the Sacred Mosque. Ali ibn Abi Talib passed by him and, realizing that he was a stranger, asked him to come to his house. Abu Dharr spent the night with him and in the morning took his water pouch and his bag containing provisions and returned to the Mosque. He had asked no questions and no questions were asked of him.

Abu Dharr spent the following day without getting to know the Prophet. At evening he went to the Mosque to sleep and Ali again passed by him and said:
"Isn't it time that a man knows his house?"
Abu Dharr accompanied him and stayed at his house a second night. Again no one asked the other about anything.

On the third night, however, Ali asked him, "Aren't you going to tell me why you came to Makkah?"
"Only if you will give me an undertaking that you will guide me to what I seek." Ali agreed and Abu Dharr said: "I came to Makkah from a distant place seeking a meeting with the new Prophet and to listen to some of what he has to say."
Ali's face lit up with happiness as he said, "By God, he is really the Messenger of God," and he went on telling Abu Dharr more about the Prophet and his teaching. Finally, he said:
"When we get up in the morning, follow me wherever I go. If I see anything which I am afraid of for your sake, I would stop as if to pass water. If I continue, follow me until you enter where I enter."

Abu Dharr did not sleep a wink the rest of that night because of his intense longing to see the Prophet and listen to the words of revelation. In the morning, he followed closely in Ali's footsteps until they were in the presence of the Prophet.
As-salaamu Alayka Yaa Rasulullah, (Peace be on you, O Messenger of God)," greeted Abu Dharr.
Wa Alayka salaamullahi wa rahmatuhu wa barakaatuhu (And on you be the peace of God, His mercy and His blessings)," replied the Prophet.
Abu Dharr was thus the first person to greet the Prophet with the greeting of Islam. After that, the greeting spread and came into general use.

The Prophet, peace be on him, welcomed Abu Dharr and invited him to Islam. He recited some of the Quran for him. Before long, Abu Dharr pronounced the Shahadah thus entering the new religion (without even leaving his place). He was among the first persons to accept Islam.

Let us leave Abu Dharr to continue his own story...

After that I stayed with the Prophet in Makkah and he taught me Islam and taught me to read the Quran. Then he said to me, 'Don't tell anyone in Makkah about your acceptance of Islam. I fear that they will kill you."
"By Allah , I shall not leave Makkah until I go to the Sacred Mosque and proclaim the call of Truth in the midst of the Quraysh," vowed Abu Dharr.

The Prophet remained silent. I went to the Mosque. The Quraysh were sitting and talking. I went in their midst and called out at the top of my voice, "O people of Quraysh, I testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah."
My words had an immediate effect on them. They jumped up and said, 'Get this one who has left his religion." They pounced on me and began to beat me mercilessly. They clearly meant to kill me. But Abbas ibn Abdulmuttalib, the uncle of the Prophet, recognized me. He bent over and protected me from them. He told them:
"Woe to you! Would you kill a man from the Ghifar tribe and your caravans must pass through their territory?" They then released me.

I went back to the Prophet, upon whom be peace, and when he saw my condition, he said, "Didn't I tell you not to announce your acceptance of Islam?" "O Messenger of God," I said, "It was a need I felt in my soul and I fulfilled it." "Go to your people," he commanded, "and tell them what you have seen and heard. Invite them to God. Maybe God will bring them good through you and reward you through them. And when you hear that I have come out in the open, then come to me."

I left and went back to my people. My brother came up to me and asked, "What have you done?" I told him that I had become a Muslim and that I believed in the truth of Muhammad's teachings.
"I am not averse to your religion. In fact, I am also now a Muslim and a believer," he said.
We both went to our mother then and invited her to Islam .
"I do not have any dislike from your religion. I accept Islam also," she said.

From that day this family of believers went out tirelessly inviting the Ghifar to God and did not flinch from their purpose. Eventually a large number became Muslims and the congregational Prayer was instituted among them.
Abu Dharr remained in his desert abode until after the Prophet had gone to Madinah and the battles of Badr, Uhud and Khandaq had been fought. At Madinah at last, he asked the Prophet to be in his personal service. The Prophet agreed and was pleased with his companionship and service. He sometimes showed preference to Abu Dharr above others and whenever he met him he would pat him and smile and show his happiness.
After the death of the Prophet, Abu Dharr could not bear to stay in Madinah because of grief and the knowledge that there was to be no more of his guiding company. So he left for the Syrian desert and stayed there during the caliphate of Abu Bakr and Umar.

During the caliphate of Uthman, he stayed in Damascus and saw the Muslims concern for the world and their consuming desire for luxury. He was saddened and repelled by this. So Uthman asked him to come to Madinah. At Madinah he was also critical of the people's pursuit of worldly goods and pleasures and they were critical in turn of his reviling them. Uthman therefore ordered that he should go to Rubdhah, a small village near Madinah. There he stayed far away from people, renouncing their preoccupation with worldly goods and holding on to the legacy of the Prophet and his companions in seeking the everlasting abode of the Hereafter in preference to this transitory world.

Once a man visited him and began looking at the contents of his house but found it quite bare. He asked Abu Dharr: "Where are your possessions?" "We have a house yonder (meaning the Hereafter)," said Abu Dharr, "to which we send the best of our possessions." The man understood what he meant and said: "But you must have some possessions so long as you are in this abode." "The owner of this abode will not leave us in it," replied Abu Dharr.

Abu Dharr persisted in his simple and frugal life to the end. Once the amir of Syria sent three hundred diners to Abu Dharr to meet his needs. He returned the money saying, "Does not the amir of Syria find a servant more deserving of it than I?"
In the year 32 AH. the self-denying Abu Dharr passed away. The Prophet, peace be upon him, had said of him: "The earth does not carry nor the heavens cover a man more true and faithful than Abu Dharr."

The Milk Shaykh at 4:35 PM
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Saturday, September 25, 2004  
The Summary
The Summary of ^Abdullah al-Harariyy Ensuring the Personal Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion:

is a summary of most of the Obligatory Knowledge every accountable person is obligated to know.
This comprises the Obligatory Knowledge pertaining to belief, issues from Purification (Taharah) up to Pilgrimage (Hajj), and some rules of dealings according to the school (madhhab) of Imam ash-Shafi^iyy. The sins of the heart and of other organs, such as the tongue, are also included.
The original book was written by the Hadramiyy faqih (scholar): ^Abdullah Ibn Husayn Ibn Tahir. Many precious issues were added to the book; what was mentioned about Sufism was omitted. Some sentences were changed in such a way that it would not change the subject. In a few cases the author mentioned what some Shafi^iyy scholars, like al-Bulqiniyy, preponderated in an effort to expose what was weak in the original book.
One must pay due attention to this Obligatory Knowledge in order to have one's deeds accepted.

The content of this book is of very great importance and each Muslims must know it, it is the knowledge that is obligatory on each responsible Muslim to acquire.
If you click on the title you will be able to download the book, but since the Sunnah is to learn from a trustworthy person who himself learned from a trustworthy person all the way to the teachings of our beloved Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, i advise you to learn it from someone of confidence if you didn't already learn it.
If you don't know anyone who can teach it to you contact me at: salahoudine@hotmail.com and i will try me best to put you in touch with someone who learned from a scholar.

The Milk Shaykh at 4:23 PM
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Thursday, September 23, 2004  

I added a hit counter and a shoutbox to the blog so shout me something!

The Milk Shaykh at 8:56 PM
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Wednesday, September 22, 2004  
The Attributes of Allah
As salamu ^alaykum

Here's a nice poem on the perfect Attributes of Allah that a british sister wrote, enjoy :

Excellent Praise and Gratitude are due to Allah the One who is in neither a state of movement nor immobility nor is He a tangible or intangible entity

The One who has no colour or direction and is free from all imperfection

The One who is not confined and who cannot be conceived by the mind

The One who is not bound to time and does not descend or climb

The One who is attributed with Life, unlike our life and who has neither son nor wife

The One who is neither a body nor a figure and He is not equal in volume to the Throne, nor smaller nor bigger

The One who Existed Eternally and Alone when there was neither water nor Throne

The One who has created the ^Arsh as a sign of His Absolute Power, and He is not inclined towards upper or lower

The One who has created volume and space, the One who Exists without manner or place

The One who has created morning and light, who is free from being similar to darkness or light

The One who’s Reality does not resemble anything, nor does anything resemble Him. He does not need anything, and everything is in need of Him

The One who guided us to this, for we never would have been guided to it if He had not guided us to it.

The Milk Shaykh at 4:48 PM
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004  
Al Hamdulillah
As salaamu ^alaykum

My exam went ok alhamdulillah. I dont stress too much on exam now, i say to myself that i studied the best i could and im gonna do the best i can and the rest i have no power over it, its Allah who does.

I did a flashing circuit in electronic this week, i really love to weld, its pretty fun. There's a potentiometer in the circuit so i can control the speed at wich the LEDs flashes.
I wish i had a digital camera i could show you a nice picture :)

Insha Allah ta^ala soon

The Milk Shaykh at 8:54 PM
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Monday, September 20, 2004  
Yuck! i got an exam in my philosophy class tomorow ...

I hate those philosophers :@

I could elaborate but i dont have time right now, sorry :)

The Milk Shaykh at 9:02 PM
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Sunday, September 19, 2004  


I am in the process of changing the design of my blog and i hope to get serious with it. Make du^a for me.

The Milk Shaykh at 7:10 PM
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004  

As salaamu ^alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Tomorow i am going camping with muslims. Insha Allah i will learn a lot and have fun. Im Sad that i cant stay for the whole week cause of school.
Begining college on monday, make du^a for me ya ahbab.

here i leave you with a word of wisdom from a great scholar and waliyy

Shaykh Abdal Qadir al Jilani said:
In the simplest terms, thankfulness [shukr] means that you do not disobey Allah (Exalted is He) by misusing His gracious favors.

The Milk Shaykh at 10:52 PM
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Monday, August 16, 2004  

I was cleanin up my desk and i found an article that i had ripped out of a magazine this year. It's pretty old but peoples who think like this still exist. I scanned it and this is the result. Nice to see how the hijab can make the kuffar get so emotionals and write such stupid things. I could refute him point by point but why bother... et oui c'est en français :) Posted by Hello

The Milk Shaykh at 8:55 PM
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Thursday, August 05, 2004  
What's up?
Whats up?

When both Salafis and Sufis are asked, "Whats up?"
their answer is the same: Allah.

But for very different reasons.

^A'isha (RadiAllahu anha) said(what means), "The Messenger of Allah(SallAllahu ^alayhi wa sallam) used to be in the remembrance of Allah at all times."
[Related by Bukhari, Muslim, and others]

The Milk Shaykh at 9:48 PM
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Monday, July 19, 2004  
Muscles & Fitness p.2
As salamu ^alaykum ya ahbab
Goin back on what i said yesterday before training muscles do a set of many repetions with a light weight to pump the blood in the targeted muscle, this will greatly help prevent injuries. And after training your muscle, stretch them. After being trained the muscle are in a state that stretchin will have great benefits. Try not to stretch before because this will make you loose strenght. Stretching between sets is ok in moderation.
And when running or doingther kindsof cardio, stretch before and after the exercise, especially the legs.
Stretching give your muscles more flexibility, giving you a greater range of motion, making yout muscles work more thus makin them grow more.
Stretching is something often overlooked but it is of veeery great importance.
I also wanted to see if there was a men only gym in my city but i did not find any (well there is one where the majority of members are gays, ^a'udhu billah!) but there is a least 2 women only gyms :s
Subhan Allah this is the equality of genders that they boast so much about lol?
Ok i am soon goin to the wedding insha Allah, i will tell you how it was!

The Milk Shaykh at 5:57 PM
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Sunday, July 18, 2004  
Muscle & Fitness
As salaamu ^alaykum
I didn't post much lately because i have been pretty busy with various things.
I was invited last week to the wedding of a shaykh who has been giving lessons and the jumu^ah khutba for some time now. Is name is Waleed and he is a Palestinian. Everybody present had a good time and the new couple looked happy too. At least 200 people came. It was a general invitation, at the end of a dars the shaykh just said in arabic ''thursday is my wedding and i invite you all, translate this for the frenchs and the english''. Masha Allah i think this is a very nice thing to do and show good muslim spirit. And the bride got some nice jewelry wow... ( the man went to the friday prayer and was at the mosque on saturday too... usually peoples dont stay in town for the ''honey moon'' ^_^)
Tomorow i am invited to another wedding by the way ! It looks like everybody is getting married. Insha Allah Ta^ala mine will be soon.
(in a couple of years ;-))
Muscle & Fitness
I really think that it is very important for the muslims(males and females) to be in good shape. Being in good shape has many excellent benefits for a muslim. If he is in good health he will be able to function better on a daily basis and this will help him in is worship. Healthier peoples are generally peoples who are at ease with themselves and less stressed thus they are more enjoyable for their friends and familly. A healthier muslims might also insha Allah live longer and this could help him gain more good deeds which we all needs.
Not filling up our bellies until they are full(the sunnah is to fill 1/3 with water, 1/3 with food and leave the other 1/3 for air), swimming, horse riding, archery, wrestling and others things who are related to being fit are all Sunnas with benefits for the muslims. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam and is Companions radiallahu ^anhum went on many millitary expeditions so they must all have been in a decent shape.
So if one day the muslim mens here must do the jihad of the sword being fit could benefit them ( but lets remember that it is the most pious who are victorious not those with the biggest muscles )
Here where i live things are not too bad alhamdulillah (but it could be better). I think that compared to the general populations the muslims in my community are more fit.
I am not talking about becomming all Arnolds but just to have a good nutrition and being active phisically. Like this there will be less big bellies and less peoples thin like matchsticks.
Myself i was pretty active and following a good diet and was in the best shape of my life a couple of months ago masha Allahu kan. But i stopped going to the gym because of all the fitnah of the kafiras. Seeing half naked womens moaning while doing exercices was getting a bit too much to handle for me. I had to go late at night because there was less of them but work and school made it harder. Now i am training in my basement with my bench, some free weights and a bar. I also do a lot of bodyweight exercices( push up, chin ups , dips, one leg sqat, etc) because i think that they really develop your body in a way that is effective for sports and day to day activities. Never use machines when training, the only thing you will gain is being able to lift more weight with the machine and the looks that's all. I also do more cardio then weighted exercise now because i think it is even more beneficial to your general health (what it the point of lifting 300 pounds if you cant run a street block? lol). There is a big park just 2 minutes away from my house so i go run there.
So a good training program should have a good mix of cardio and muscle training and a nutrition to go with it.(it doesnt have to cost a lot, you just need a pair of running shoes and everybody can do push ups and sit ups :)) Lots of fruits, vegetables, rich(brown) breads - rice and pasta (try to avoid the white ones, its pretty much empty carbohydrates), low fat diary products, lots of protein(fish, chicken, eggs, peanuts and others are good source) are all excellent.
Ok that is enough ramblings for tonight. I hope to be back soon.
Barak Allahu fikum

The Milk Shaykh at 8:42 PM
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  
The battle of the E-Mails
Hotmail Vs Yahoo
As salamu ^alaykum

Just some time ago Yahoo gave their subscribers 100mb of storage instead of the ?4mb? they had previously. That was a lot more storage capacity then Hotmail.
But now, Hotmail will go even further by giving their members 250mb of storage! and up to 10mb of attachments per mail !!

That's pretty cool ^_^

The Milk Shaykh at 5:36 PM
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Saturday, July 03, 2004  
Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. la ilaha illa Allah
Takbeer wa tahleel


a nice short madeeh that you will want to put on repeat
The Milk Shaykh at 3:57 PM
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Thursday, July 01, 2004  
Yeah we all know that the medias are pretty much all propaganda machines. either for one side or another. But i was very pleased to see yesterday on the channel ''Réseau De Information'' which a sister channel of Radio Canada who is the national televion in canada(governement sponsored), a very good report made by some french journalist in Iraq during the month of april or may (when the insurgency really picked up. Peoples can't say it is biased because the journalists where with americans and iraqis for the same time. I dont really want to talk about all i saw cause it would be too long and make me mad. but in the end what really stood out is that the americans are just a bunch of ignorant and arrogant thugs! Long live the resistance!

What is nice about that is seeing that even though Canada is an ugly country full of ugly people, there is still a little bit of free press in this country unlike in the USA. I think that Canada is a hole but out of all the holes that are the western countries Canada is one of the best.

The Milk Shaykh at 5:50 PM
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Wednesday, June 30, 2004  
The Milk Shaykh at 9:29 PM
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